In Finance Job Search Mode? Emphasize These Traits


You’re in finance job search mode and reworking your resume and LinkedIn profile. One challenge – you’re not sure which traits you should emphasize to catch the eye of recruiters and prospective employers. 

Here are some tips to help you stand out.

Systems Capabilities
The term “tech savvy” means different things to different employers. Take a look at several job postings and see which platforms or systems companies are using. Are there gaps in your own skill set that you need to address? If so, pursue professional development opportunities. If not, make sure that you specifically list which tech tools you’ve used in the past to benefit clients or employers. For example, “Visibility into key customer segments was created using multiple planning tools including Hyperion (HFM) and IBM Cognos”

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Job postings are awash with employers looking for candidates who are self-motivated. In the accomplishments section of your resume speak to how you took the initiative or lead with a past organization to spearhead a project or system implementation (for example). 

When employers use the term “innovative” they typically want someone who can look at challenges from a variety of perspectives and devise workable solutions. In the world of accounting and finance, this often means process or system improvements. This is your opportunity to differentiate yourself and show how you can add value to your team. 

Communication and Business Partnering
Accounting and finance professionals need to be effective communicators to be able to advance (written communication and oral presentation skills). Highlight your ability to build strong relationships internally and externally. Emphasize your business partnering skills and ability to communicate complex financial information to non-finance staff.

Deeply rooted integrity and honesty is critical in the accounting and finance profession. Employers want finance professionals they can trust to provide them with accurate, transparent data and insights.

Curiosity and Learning
Employers are looking for accounting and finance candidates who are committed to lifelong learning and have a naturally curious mind. Have you sought out opportunities to grow your skill set? Are you designated? Have you demonstrated a desire to learn about different areas of the business? If so, make sure to mention this on your resume and LinkedIn profile.

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Key Takeaways
If you want your resume and LinkedIn profile to stand out, make sure to speak to the traits that employers are looking for. Emphasize accomplishments tied to systems skills and initiative. Show a commitment to professional development and a desire to learn about different areas of a business. Speak to your integrity and ability to communicate complex financial information in an accessible way. Finally, make sure to highlight times that you proposed innovations that made a difference to your organization. 

Your Next Step
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