Why You Should Keep Track of Top Finance Talent Who Move On


Breaking up is hard to do.

When top finance talent leaves, rather than letting go completely, consider maintaining some type of relationship. It can pay dividends down the road.

Future Role
Top finance talent is driven to succeed regardless of the situation thrown at them. At your company this meant that outcomes were achieved even under the tightest timelines. This type of performance is typically rewarded with a promotion. Unfortunately, timing can be everything and the role that would have kept your star performer in the fold wasn’t available at that moment. This is not to say, however, that down the road, it won’t be. By keeping in touch with former employees who are finance all-stars, you increase your ability to recruit them if the perfect role appears.

Proven Resource
Top finance talent is a proven resource. You know what their strengths are and where they excel. This means that there’s no guesswork as to whether your top performer will fit into the natural working style of your team or company culture. With a proven track record of success, recruiting former employees who delivered for you can make sense.

Birds of a Feather
Even if your former employee isn’t available down the road, this doesn’t mean that he or she won’t know other top performers. This makes recruiting top talent much easier for you. By continuing to touch base periodically with past great employees, you increase your chances of connecting to other exceptional talent – a boon when you need to hire.

If you want to bring a star performer back on board or access their network of other top talent, it’s important to reach out occasionally and show interest. After all, the finance and accounting world of the GTA is quite small and the way you treat people leaves a lasting impression.