Latest Professional Development Trends for Accountants


The finance and accounting industry is constantly evolving and changing.

To stay marketable, it is imperative to seek out professional development opportunities. While a savvy Excel user is always revered, there are other surprising professional development trends for accountants that have appeared on the horizon. Here are two of them.

Creative Problem Solver

As accountants we are trained well in the art of debits and credits. But in today’s business environment, accountants are being brought to the table as business partners. In this world, an ability to think in an innovative fashion is highly prized. A creative problem solver can devise solutions to problems that stump their more linear counterparts. This is why an ability to approach and overcome challenges from a different direction is truly valued in today’s hiring environment.

Human Resources

Accounting touches every department, including human resources. In smaller companies, your finance department of one, may also be your benefits administrator. In larger companies, HR decisions can be number based decisions. In this case, an accountant who understands the day-to-day decision-making process of HR is particularly valuable. After all, the more you understand the workings of a particular department, the more you can give relevant data and direction.

An accountant who takes the time to enhance their professional toolbox stays marketable. And while learning more about financial reporting and analysis using Excel will definitely help your career, don’t discount growing your skill set in less traditional ways. Stay on top of the latest pronouncements and legislation (think IFRS and Bill 198), consider taking a certificate in creative problem-solving and open yourself to learning more about HR. Fundamentally, you’ll be seen as someone who is adaptable and invested in their career.