Meet Alex Finn, Our New Sr. Director, Executive Search

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Tell us about your career journey up until this point.

I’ve mostly worked in the recruitment and HR industries since I finished my studies at Western University. I was always interested in these fields, as they bridged my interest in sales with my studies in social sciences. Since then, I’ve worked in the sales functions of various large global organizations, and smaller fast-growing ones. I have a wide variety of sales, relationship management and client management experience that will cater to Clarity’s high growth client base.

During my time in these roles, I’ve had the opportunity to build and transform sales functions, as well as be a part of various acquisitions. These experiences will allow me to better serve our scale-up and start-up clients, who are undergoing similar growth and transformation journeys. 

Why did you decide to join Clarity Recruitment?

I’ve known Joe and key members of the senior leadership team for a while, and the timing was right. Clarity Recruitment is very familiar to me and it feels very comfortable. The Clarity brand is well established in Canada’s accounting and finance recruitment market, which allows me to better focus on continuing the firm’s trajectory of growth. As a senior sales person working with the CEOs and Founders of Canada’s growth companies, being able to work with an established brand provides a greater trust and familiarity with prospective clients and top candidates.

I was very impressed by its collaborative culture, as this is something that can be hard to find in the recruitment industry. I was also attracted to the idea of building out an already successful executive search function. And finally, I see a lot of opportunity for my own personal and professional development, as I will have the opportunity to work closely with the senior leadership team, build strategic partnerships, and continue to build and grow the executive search division.

What are your goals for this new role?

My goals are to continue to work with Clarity’s established high-growth client base, and to keep nurturing these relationships. I find these scale-up and start-up companies really interesting. The Clarity client base was one of the primary reasons that I joined.

In addition to growing revenues and leading the executive search sales function, I will also be collaborating with Clarity’s other lines of business (permanent search and project & interim) to grow our footprint in the market, as we provide the full suite of finance and accounting recruitment services.

It’s a very exciting time to be working in the high growth space due to the nature of the market, and the opportunity for growth post-COVID. Clarity is playing a big role in fostering Canada’s high growth companies by providing them with the right finance talent, as well as being an advisor to them on their organizational structures and transformation journeys. It’s really exciting that I can play a direct role in growing and elevating Canada’s scale-up and start-up ecosystem.

I’m also looking forward to refreshing my accounting and finance skills!

Tell us something interesting about yourself that’s not on your resume.

I am a huge soccer fan and I volunteer as a hockey coach to younger up and coming teams. I prefer cats to dogs (please no one yell at me). I can’t really swim and I love a good RomCom. 

What’s the first thing you want to do when the COVID-19 pandemic is over?

I really miss seeing my family, and when it’s safe to do so, I am going to go see my grandmother! I’ve also really missed travelling and going to concerts. I plan on getting on a plane to go somewhere hot like Spain to catch a football match and find a beach.

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