Mirror Mirror on the Wall – For Agency Recruiters


The blog below was originally a LinkedIn thought piece published by Clarity Recruitment’s founder Joe Diubaldo.  It created a lot of discussion and so we thought we’d bring it to you in blog form.

While we may not wonder if we are the “fairest of them all,” we may pause periodically in our day and ask ourselves if the recruiting industry is really where we want to be.  Perhaps you’ve even considered exiting stage left.  I mean, surely there must be greener pastures somewhere, or a small group of 7 men with catchy names who are particularly industrious.  You could blend in seamlessly.  Right?

Each time I meet with someone who is thinking of leaving the recruiting industry I find myself wondering what happened along the way.  It’s especially troubling to see top performers exiting the business.  I am of the opinion that when done right, recruitment has a tangible and direct impact on the health of a company and the happiness of candidates or clients.  So if you’re trying to find meaning in your role as a recruiter I would start by asking myself the following 3 questions:

Do your clients AND candidates refer their friends and coworkers to you even when you don’t ask?
We’ve all had remarkable experiences that we can’t stop talking about.  Are you creating those same remarkable experiences for your clients and candidates?  If so, you should be getting a steady stream of referrals to your desk.  If you aren’t, then I would suggest drilling deeper into how you deliver your services.

Do you have any unique differentiators that truly set you apart from the competition? 
Our client base is looking for a better experience when dealing with their agency partners.  Because recruiting agencies trend towards short-term and transactional thinking, there is little investment in R&D that targets how recruitment agencies attract, qualify and deliver the best talent.  Everyone is saying that they have a tenured team, or strong relationships.  These are not differentiators.  Success lies in being a better business partner with some key difference makers that increase value for the client.  I believe that’s how you build success and improve your own job satisfaction.

Do your clients call you for insight and information when they are building their talent strategy?
This is what I refer to as becoming a “nexus” for our candidates and clients.  As recruiters, we have a voyeuristic job which gives us access to an organization’s key stakeholders.  When we staff a position, it’s an opportunity to become a trusted resource.  The fastest way to move from recruiter to adviser is to offer actionable insights and data.  Help your client make better decisions by correcting their assumptions, or by offering advice on successful organizational structures that you’ve seen.  If you don’t have the information readily available, then work hard to compile it.  If you can’t generate the insights needed, then connect them with someone who can.  By connecting them with the right people, you’ll be seen as a vital part of any future strategy.

So maybe you don’t want to eat a poisoned apple to find your higher calling.  Perfectly understandable.  There’s definitely a better way.  After all, there’s more to being a successful recruiter than meets the eye  If you want to move from recruiter to trusted advisor than invest some time in carefully answering the questions above.  I firmly believe that your path to top performer and greater career satisfaction lies in answering “yes” to all 3.

Your Next Step
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