Myth Busting About Accounting and Finance Recruiters


There are a number of myths out there about accounting and finance recruiters. It’s to your advantage, however, to understand how the recruiting business really operates. Your accounting and finance recruiter is a resource, and knowing how to leverage that resource while managing expectations can pay dividends down the road.

Myth #1: My Recruiter Works to Find Me a Job
The reality is that recruiters work to fill roles for client, not locate specific jobs for candidates.  That being said, even if the client doesn’t have an open position, recruiters may still contact the hiring agent to let them know about a quality candidate.  They do this because some companies are always on the lookout for top talent.

What does this mean to you?

It means that any time you connect with a recruiter it’s important to help him or her understand how to market you.  Know the industry you’re interested in.  Be able to explain your strengths and accomplishments to a recruiter, and above all focus on transparency and mutual respect.  And remember, the timeline for landing a job will often be longer than you anticipate, regardless of whether you’ve added an accounting and finance recruiter to your job search arsenal.

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Myth #2: Recruiters Aren’t Career Resources
Top finance and accounting recruiters see themselves as career resources.  In fact, the mark of a strong recruiting agency is the belief in placing careers, not just jobs.

What does this mean to you?

Identify recruiters who are willing to invest a bit of time in educating you about market conditions and what’s reasonable to expect from the process.  Great recruiters will give you feedback on your resume, help you prepare for interviews and do what they can to make you successful.

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Myth #3: It’s All About the Money
While recruiters are paid a commission, it doesn’t come out of the candidate’s salary (as one myth professes).  Instead, the recruiter is paid a fee by the client.  In addition, successful recruiters pursue win-win placements.  In other words, the role must be a fit for the candidate’s skill set, and the company must be a fit for the candidate’s career aspirations.

What does this mean to me?

Finance and accounting recruiters are business partners.  This means they try to negotiate financial compensation and benefits that meet the needs of both parties (candidates and clients).  Recruiters who believe in their process will also offer a guarantee on the placement, which means they’ll try to ensure the technical and cultural fit is in place for both candidates and clients before moving forward.  The result: higher placement success rates and greater levels of client and candidate satisfaction.

Myth #5: Recruiters Aren’t Better Than Job Boards
When you advertise on a job board you are essentially creating selection bias.  That is, you only reach the people who choose to apply to the role.

What does this mean to me?

Recruiters spend each day meeting with top talent and hiring agents.  This means recruiters are actually the intersection in the hiring process highway.  It’s a good bet, therefore, that a recruiter who specializes in the finance industry is going to have greater success at meeting, identifying, and landing top talent than a job board.  Plus, recruiters offer additional value, like pre-screening candidates and acting as resources in the hiring process – saving companies both time and money.

Myth #6: Recruiters Can Find the Perfect Candidate
The belief that the perfect candidate exists is one of the most challenging myths that tenured recruiters deal with each day.  Good recruiters will sit down with clients and help them understand current market conditions, reasonable compensation and develop a list of “must haves.”

What does this mean to me?

Since successful recruiters act as business partners, it makes sense to open yourself to a dialogue that can help shift your job search process from frustration to fulfillment.  Fundamentally, success lies in understanding what skills and components of cultural fit you, as the client, can’t live without.  And don’t write off candidates with solid transferable skills – they can be the difference maker for your organization.

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Key Takeaways
Accounting and finance recruiters are valuable resources in the job search or hiring process.  Understanding the myths and the reality of the recruiting industry can help you hire better, or land the role you want.  Recruiters are career resources whose primary focus is creating win-win placements.  And while there is no such thing as the perfect candidate, recruiters are business partners, who understand market conditions and can help clients locate and acquire quality talent.  Good recruiters believe that success lies in placing careers, not just jobs, and will go the extra distance to ensure that both parties (candidates and clients) are satisfied.

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