New to Canada? Consider an Accounting Contract Job


As a new arrival in Canada you may feel frustrated at your inability to land an accounting or finance role. People may even be telling you that you’re overqualified for more junior roles. The solution? Consider taking a finance or accounting contract job.

Why Contract?
There are a number of reasons why a contract role makes sense:

  • It can provide you with Canadian experience – reflecting the Canadian job market preference for accountants and finance people who have Canadian experience and/or designations
  • Contract roles can lead to permanent roles
  • Contract positions are usually about filling a skills gap, which can give you a chance to shine by playing to your strengths
  • If you are in a contract role, it gives you access to opportunities that arise internally
  • Contract finance or accounting jobs offer a chance to show that you can contribute in other ways
  • You’ll develop referrals in the Canadian market
  • If you work for a well-known company, the name recognition will help you land your next opportunity

Pro Tip: Once you’re in the door and have the capacity to do more, identify areas where you could assist and ask your boss if you can help. The initiative and willingness to take on additional duties will position you for a permanent role.

Good Vs Bad Contract Roles
Here are a few tips for identifying good contract opportunities:

  • Ensure the job posting is well-crafted – hard and soft skills, a start and end date, and perhaps key deliverables
  • In the interview ask the following questions
    1. Has this project been approved?
    2. Are all of the key stakeholders on board?
    3. Will I have access to the information I need?
    4. What are the projected challenges of the role?
    5. What are the deliverables for the 3 month mark?

While the first question is specific to a project-based contract, the rest are not. Your prospective employer’s answers will reveal if this is a quality contract worth your time.

Key Takeaways
Contract accounting roles can be the bridge for new Canadians into the finance and accounting job market. They can offer access to internal opportunities, be a positive networking experience and help you land a permanent role. Look for contracts that have well-written job postings, clear deliverables and the support of relevant stakeholders. For a new Canadian, an accounting contract job can be the stepping-stone to greater things.

Your Next Step
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