Say hello to Vancouver, say hello to the future


How big an impact can an average person reasonably expect to make, day-to-day?

It’s hard to quantify your impact, but I believe we can always be more. If you, like me, found yourself drawn to Vancouver, you’re aware of the limitless sense of possibility surrounding us. Nobody is just an urbanite; we’re active, we’re versatile, and when we look beyond the cityscape, we see ourselves in the mountains, the forests, and the oceans. There’s always more here.

Vancouver is singularly fortunate to be a growing metropolitan centre of finance and commerce ringed by the natural world. We’re Hollywood North, we’re a hub of international trade and commerce, and we have a tech sector that draws in the Amazons and Facebooks of the world even as we cultivate our own generation of world-beating companies. And it’s not just Vancouver — British Columbia is one of Canada’s greatest tourism destinations, and the mainstay of the mining and forestry industries. We have everything here, and that’s what sets Vancouver apart: we know how great we have it, and we are unwilling to compromise on the things that make life worth living.

Vancouverites have an infectious, life-affirming passion, and it’s one of the reasons Clarity chose Vancouver as its second base of operations. For the past six years, our offices have resided in Toronto. The Greater Toronto Area is an incredible instance of the melting pot in action; it’s a hive of cooperation and productivity, and we’ve been lucky to enjoy six years of prosperity in the city. As much as Toronto has to offer, though, it’s impossible to resist the tug of the West Coast.

Alright, back to my initial question: how big an impact can a person expect to make, day-to-day? Our strength lies in our ability to cooperate, each person doing his or her part to create something no one person among them could have envisioned alone. I’ve come to Vancouver to do my modest part, by helping people realize their fullestpotential. That’s where Clarity Recruitment comes in.

Clarity focuses on the individuals. In recruiting, it’s easy to go for quantity over quality–a lot of firms do–but we feel that does a disservice not only to applicants, but to employers as well. At Clarity, we spend 30 percent of our operating budget on research and development for just this reason. Take our proprietary technology, Luma-Fi™, for instance: Luma-Fi allows us to analyze each applicant not only on the merits of their skills, but on the intrinsically elusive human element that makes them different from any other person with similar qualifications.

Luma-Fi produces a concise report that allows employers a unique insight into the technical and cultural alignment of a given candidate with the hiring organization. But far be it for us to rely exclusively on technology. Our recruiters are also trained (for ten hours each month) to apply psychological analysis and have an acute knowledge of the current state of the industry. When we recommend candidates, we do so with the certainty provided by our proprietary matching technology combined with cutting edge applied psychological research, and a genuine interest creating success stories.

I love Vancouver, and I know that my role in all this is to help institutional and individual players build the support structure that will allow companies to flourish, and this city to grow. That’s the essence of what I plan to do in Vancouver as a recruiter; I’m here to help people reach their fullest potential.. I’ve worn many hats in my life (more on that to come), but the impact I can make as a recruiter excites me more than any other.

I think that’s what we can expect of ourselves: our decision to make the most of our potential. It’s being happy at work, happy at home, and happy walking your dog in the woods. Living your life well, and knowing that your efforts are helping your city along on its way somewhere amazing – that’s what we can do, every day. That’s the impact we can expect to make.

There’s always more to a story than can fit on a page. Get in touch today to learn more about my story, or to find out how I can help change yours for the better.

Shane Gagnon is the Director of Clarity Recruitment Vancouver, with six years of experience in the industry. This is his personal blog, where you can expect to find not only insights from his endeavour to disrupt the recruitment industry, but also a glimpse into his pursuit of a satisfying career for himself and the finance/accounting professionals of Vancouver. Join Shane for each new post, as he reveals the journey that brought him here, and where he plans to go next.

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