How to Be Successful in Accounting – Part 1


How is it that some accountants seem to consistently get promoted? Chances are they are doing five things on a regular basis that make them stand out.

Today we will explore the first three behaviours, that if practiced regularly, will help you be successful in accounting.

Team First

To be successful in accounting, commit yourself to having a team-first mentality. This means recognizing that in order to experience success yourself, you need to foster success in others. Communicate in an inclusive fashion, seek to understand your team members’ individual drivers and be flexible.

If the team needs you to be a follower, join them in the trenches and if they need you to be a leader, do so with grace.


Being a clock watcher will not help you to be successful in accounting. The best accountants understand that in a deadline-driven world there will be some 12 hour days. They stay focused, attentive to the project at hand and dedicate themselves to producing the best, possible results that they can.

Solutions, Not Barriers

Those who are successful in accounting are solutions-focused. They see a potential challenge as something to solve, not be stymied by. Whether it’s hitting a demanding deadline, balancing the competing needs of the team and management, or keeping departments on budget, the best accountants keep their eye on the prize, innovating if necessary and doing what needs to be done to achieve organizational outcomes.

To be successful in accounting, practice a team first, solutions-focused mentality. Be dedicated and understand that your hard work will eventually be rewarded.

Join us tomorrow for an exploration of the final two qualities that successful accountants practice on a daily basis.

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