Surprising Finance Interview Tips


Yes, it’s important to dress to impress, and have body language that shows engagement during a finance interview. But there are other tips that could position you ahead of the pack, and some of them are a little bit surprising. Here are 5 ways to be the candidate that crosses the finish line first. 

Social Media Vetting
You know that your prospective employer will likely run a Google and social media search prior to the interview. It’s important, therefore, to make sure that your professional brand is squeaky clean. One tool to help you do this is called SimpleWash which scans the content on your Facebook page, for example, and detects keywords that might be connected to things you don’t want your employer to see. You can then remove the content. To identify images that could be problematic, use Social Sweepster.

Use Google Alerts
Would you write a paper on Shakespeare without quoting a single line from one of his plays? Maybe, but the result would lack depth and validity. The same goes for entering an interview without researching the company in advance. If you can answer an interview question with specific numbers and ideas laid out in a company blog, press release or quarterly earnings report it demonstrates commitment and buy-in to the employer. But keeping track of what each company is doing can be challenging. Use Google Alerts to help. Google Alerts will let you know when a new story appears for a specific search term (in this case a company).

How to Set Up a Google Alert

  • Go to
  • Enter the search term you want to track e.g. the name of the company
  • If you have more than one company, you can separate the names using a comma
  • Put in your email address (you’ll need a Gmail account for this)
  • When a story appears that is connected to your search term, Google will send you an email

Interview Time Slot Matters
According to Science Daily when time is of the essence and decisions have to be made quickly “preferences are unconsciously and immediately guided to those options presented first.” The study’s author went on to say that the “first is best” mentality suggests that firsts are preferred “even when completely unwarranted and irrational.” Takeaway? If a hiring decision must be made quickly such as in a contract role, it may be advantageous, if you have a choice, to secure the first time slot.

Pro Tip: Time constraints aside, recommends scheduling an interview between Tuesday and Thursday so as to avoid conflicting with an employer’s responsibilities outside of the hiring process. 

Emotion Engages Buying Behavior
Think about commercials that make us tear up or smile. Marketers know that emotion engages buying behavior. Use this principle to best effect by making sure that your answer to “Tell us a little bit about yourself” or “Why do you want to work for our organization” is filled with emotional resonance. It’s not just about your professional experience. The answer to this question lets you talk about what inspires you and why you’ve chosen to walk a certain path. Craft a tight, interesting story that is compelling and shows your passion.

Ask Clever Questions That Introduce Something New
The end of the interview offers an opportunity for you to ask questions. Great questions are comprised of 2 qualities: a) a chance to introduce something new about yourself and b) an opportunity to show that you’re making a purposeful career choice. For example, “I used to volunteer with __________. I noticed that community involvement is an important part of your culture. Can you tell me a little more about your initiative with __________ and how I could get involved?”

Key Takeaways
Acing the finance interview is more than just dressing well. It means crafting engaging answers, asking questions that introduce something new about yourself and doing some advance preparation. To try to be the candidate who crosses the finish line first implement the 5 tips above.

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