The 4 Personality Trails Great Finance Managers Share


Great managers in general have specific traits that allow them to effectively balance the competing demands of management and their team.

They understand how to inspire different personality types and share success when it happens.

In fact, the best managers have four personality traits in common.

It’s likely we’ve all been there – miscast in the wrong role. It’s not that we can’t deliver good results, it’s that we could really excel if management allowed us to do what we’re best at. Great finance managers have the ability to identify your strengths and weaknesses and position you in the correct role for maximum success. If you struggle, they mentor you, understanding that a strong, unified team is critical to the success of any organization.

Goal Setting
According to an article in Forbes entitled, “How to Give Employees a Sense of Autonomy” employees perform best when they feel they have a say in setting work-related goals. Even if management sets the goals, employees develop an intrinsic motivation to achieve them if they have autonomy and understand the value of the goals in the big picture. This creates buy-in and a greater likelihood of meeting company outcomes.

Relationship Builder
Great managers are able to build relationships cross-functionally, with their team and with management. They are accessible and able to understand what motivates each individual and position information accordingly.

Share Success
A team that gets to bask in the success of a job well done is a team that feels valued. Effective managers make sure to share success and promote their team to management. Want to continue to build credibility with your team? Make sure to share the limelight when you hit a home run.

Strong managers understand that teams flourish in a supportive environment where there is a feeling of autonomy. Great finance managers build relationships, share success and cast their team in the appropriate roles. At the end of the day they inspire their team to produce their best work.