The Current Finance and Accounting Job Market


What’s happening in the current finance and accounting job market in the GTA? Which industries are hot? Is it a candidate driven market? If you’re actively searching for a job, or considering a transition, here are several insights that may help you with your job search process. 

The Fight for Top Talent
Companies are currently fighting to retain top talent. This includes presenting strong counter offers.  If you’re a top performer and committed to changing organizations, it’s imperative that you know how to turn down a counter offer to prevent burning bridges. There are multiple reasons to decline a counter offer, including the fact that your organization will always see you as a flight risk moving forward. 

And consider this, 4 out of 5 people who accept a counter offer leave within 9 months of doing so. This is typically because the reasons that fueled the original desire to leave still exist, and a small bump in pay typically can’t compensate.

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The Candidate Pool
There are a number of candidates job hunting right now. If you apply for a role that’s beyond your current abilities and experience make sure to highlight your transferable skills to increase your chances for success. Ensure that your resume markets you effectively by connecting your expertise to the job posting. Be prepared to expand on what makes you a fit for the role if you do land an interview.

Differentiate Yourself
In his marketing book The Purple Cow, Seth Godin talks about understanding what differentiates yourself in the marketplace and speaking to that. The accounting and finance landscape is no different. Do you have expertise in a skill that is in high demand? Do you have a track record for successfully managing difficult systems implementations? Be able to quantify your success by offering specific numbers. Ensure that you tailor your answers to your audience, emphasizing the differentiators that the job posting focuses on.  

Hot Industries
There are a number of industries that seem to be trending right now. For example, the tech sector is currently heating up in the GTA. Other industries that are busy include real estate, banking and financial services. If you’re considering transitioning to a new industry (or a new role) these 4 offer a lot of potential.

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Key Takeaways
It’s a competitive market out there to hire and retain top talent. This means that many companies are offering strong salaries and counter offers to hold onto their exceptional performers. If you apply for a role that is a stretch beyond your current skill set make sure to highlight your transferrable skills. In addition, understand what makes you marketable and play to that. This means acquiring market knowledge and knowing what firms are currently valuing. Finally, there are a number of industries that seem to be trending right now including the tech sector and real estate. 

Your Next Step
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