When Is the Right Time to Hire an Accounting Contractor?


Timing is of the essence, when it comes to hiring an accounting contractor. Here are some tips for determining when you need to add an extra hand to your team.

Contract work is all the rage these days in many different industries – and accounting and finance are no exceptions. If you’re an accountant, you should already be aware of the perks of working as an accounting contractor (though there are some things you should know before you make the switch).

But contract work has its advantages for employers in the accounting and finance world, too. Here, then, is some timely advice on when you should consider contracting out your accounting and finance work.

When you need additional hands on deck

As an employer in the accounting and finance sphere, you may generally feel that your internal team is totally capable of handling any and all work you could possibly throw at them. But the reality is that a particularly heavy or intensified workload can test even a top-performing group.

Having extra hands on deck for an exceptionally large project can expedite the process and increase the quality of the work produced. This may just be the perfect opportunity to hire an accounting or finance contractor.

When a specialized skill-set is needed

In all likelihood, your company’s team is perfectly capable of managing basic, everyday operations. But there may still be times when they need assistance with a discrete piece of specialized work. Even if your team is stacked with highly competent accounting and finance professionals, some tasks or projects require expert knowledge or skillsets.

Having extra hands on deck for an exceptionally large project can expedite the process and increase the quality of the work produced.

If, for example, you’re redesigning your budgeting and forecasting program, or implementing a new piece of technology, like a new GL system, you may want input from a specialist in both of these areas. In such situations, it’s entirely appropriate and useful to hire an accounting or finance contractor. 

When a dreaded resignation occurs

When someone at an accounting and finance company resigns (hopefully on the right terms), it’s not unusual for some managers to encourage their staff to continue on with business as usual. As a result, the remaining employees may find themselves absorbing the unfinished work of the person who left – often without any extra compensation for their new responsibilities. In due course, the first departure can quickly lead to others, as employees conclude that their jobs are too demanding and decide to leave for other opportunities.

To prevent one resignation from escalating into an epidemic of quitting, give your accounting and finance team a break, or better yet, some help. Hire a contractor to temporarily relieve everyone’s workload and cope with the loss of a team member.

Hiring an accounting or finance contractor is not a decision to be taken lightly; it may depend on your budgetary constraints, as well as your vision as a manager. But certain situations call for extra assistance or expertise. When these kinds of scenarios arise, it’s important to seriously consider whether hiring an accounting or finance contractor will help, rather than hinder, your business.

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