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We know that the right hire changes everything. That truly awesome people thriving in your organization are fuel. We love helping clients hire those people – you know, the ones that change the game.




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Diane Kellow
"Finding a company that shares my belief that the right hires are game changers for our clients was super important to me. Clarity lives and breaths this statement in everything that we do. From our proprietary software to the expertise and the ongoing improvements made by the leadership team, we are continuously finding ways to be more amazing at what we do!

I love every minute of working here at Clarity. Everyone is supportive, ideas-focused, and collaborative, from the leadership team to my colleagues and clients. We have a ton of fun together, but we also all have lives outside of work which Clarity respects and encourages with our generous vacation and personal days. The grass grows tall and very green at Clarity!!"
Diane Kellow
Senior Director, Executive Search
Sindhu Suppiah
"Work-life balance is very important to me, and the leadership team at Clarity understands the other priorities in my life. It’s an attractive place to work as the flexibility has allowed me to thrive in my career, and at home with my family."
Sindhu Suppiah
Senior Recruitment Associate, Search
Shane Gagnon
"We are on a mission to create the future of recruitment. I’ve helped candidates and companies at different growth stages make optimal hiring decisions to drive their strategic initiatives forward. I am particularly proud of the times I’ve told my candidates and clients to say “no” when I recognized a misalignment and acted in their best interest. I think we say “no” more than any other firm and that’s a part of what makes us successful."
Shane Gagnon
Director of Recruitment, Executive Search

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