3 Accounting Job Posting Mistakes


Writing great accounting job postings is akin to crafting an exceptional opening paragraph in a novel: you want to engage the reader and encourage them to continue with the experience (i.e. apply for the role).

And because there is a direct correlation between the quality of the posting and the type of candidate it attracts, it is particularly important to portray your company in the best possible light. Here are three accounting job posting mistakes to avoid.

Not Deconstructing the Job

First and foremost you need to take the time to break down the role’s key requirements and duties. After all, if you don’t know what you need, how can you advertise effectively for it. Concentrate not only on your short-term needs, but also your long-term objectives. Ensure that you seek the feedback of those most impacted by the hiring decision and then determine the key competencies that the candidate must have to be successful. The result: a better pool of more qualified talent applies for the role.

Copying Generic Postings From the Web

One of the most common accounting job posting mistakes is to copy generic content from the web. Unfortunately this limits your ability to tell an engaging story, speak directly to the candidate about their aspirations and clarify what makes your company unique. Generic copy lacks a compelling voice and can fail to establish an emotional connection with the very people it’s trying to reach.

Not Defining the Key Deliverables

An effective job posting outlines the key deliverables that the candidate will be expected to achieve within a given timeframe. Ideally those candidates who have a previous track record of success meeting similar milestones will be interested in the role and apply.

If you take the time to create an engaging accounting job posting, before you know it you will have a qualified pool of exceptional talent ready to help your company be successful.

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