3 Behaviours That Can Hurt Your Finance Career


Very rarely is our path to career advancement a smooth one. Usually there are ups and downs, misfires and successes. There are, however, a few behaviours that can damage our chances of moving the career stick from neutral to drive.

If your career has stalled out ask yourself if any of these behaviours sound familiar.

Not Solutions Focused
The accounting and finance world is fast paced, particularly around year end. But no one loves a Debbie Downer, so rather than going to your direct report with problems, arrive with solutions. Do you have ideas for re-working a process so that it increases efficiency? Fantastic. Are you simply identifying the problem, complaining about it and not offering workable solutions? Not so great.

Employers love people who are invested in their careers. They are not as fond of those they perceive as disinterested or coasting. Consider taking advantage of professional development opportunities or getting your designation. Grow your skill set by taking on additional challenges or projects. You’ll be telling your organization that you’re looking for ways to add value – a much better message if you want to get ahead.

Over Promising and Under Delivering
Nothing can do damage to a finance career more quickly than an inability to follow through. You want to establish yourself as the go to person, not the employee who can’t be trusted to deliver. If you miss deadlines and under perform, you can quickly torpedo your professional brand and this spells disaster for your finance career.

If you recognize some of these behaviours make it your goal to change them. Become someone who is solutions focused. Take on additional challenges willingly and then deliver. By doing so you position yourself as a committed and engaged employee, and people like this get promoted.