3 Goals for New Finance Managers


As a new finance manager you’ll be watched closely.

To succeed you’ll need buy-in at a number of levels in order to drive the results that are expected. Here are three goals that will pave the way for an exceptional first year.

Goal 1: Earn Trust
First and foremost you need to earn the trust of your team. Take the time to speak with each of them. Ask them to identify what areas within their role need improvement. Clarify their challenges and then take action to support each person. Leaders follow through, so show your team that you’ve listened to what they’ve said and are taking measures to help them succeed.

Goal 2: Meet With Senior Leadership
New finance managers need to have an understanding of each business unit’s needs. More importantly, a new finance manager has to understand what each senior leader expects of him/her. You’re going to need to build cross-functional relationships in order to be successful and the sooner you start doing this, the better.

Goal 3: Audit the Role
Look at the finance function in general. Are there areas in need of improvement? For example, assess whether the right internal controls are in place, or if there are processes that need revising. Ultimately, see if you can score some quick wins that establish you as a team player who can provide information to help your company meet its goals.

As a new finance manager it’s important to earn the trust of your team and senior leadership. Audit the role and identify quick wins. Show key stakeholders that you can add value and they will buy in to you, making your chances of being successful much higher.

New Finance Manager's Survival Guide