3 Things Your Finance Resume Must Include


Even in a world increasingly driven by LinkedIn and other social media platforms, the power of a strong resume cannot be underestimated.

Consider your resume a fundamental part of communicating your personal brand.

Without a doubt, there are three things that your finance resume must include.

Systems Information

Whether it’s Oracle, SAP, or high level Excel skills, make sure to specifically explain how your strong technical know-how helped you to meet and exceed expectations. More importantly, don’t oversell your systems information experience and knowledge. Be honest and emphasize your strengths.


A strong finance resume is an outcome-focused resume. Ensure that you include a list of accomplishments under each job title. Prospective employers want to hire people who can deliver under tight timelines, meet company expectations and advance organizational objectives. Did you take the lead on any key projects and initiatives? If so, make sure to include that too.


A resume that shows growth and an ability to take on increasing levels of responsibility, helps to market you as someone who can evolve with an organization. Whether it’s professional development or promotions, a resume that demonstrates adaptability, skill set growth or initiative, positions you as someone who can be an asset in the immediate future and for years to come.

Any finance resume should include the above three things. Remember to be outcome focused, specific and succinct in your writing style. With the right resume in hand, you enhance your chances of getting in the door and securing the role that you want.