3 Ways to Impress Your New Finance Manager


You’re starting in a new role and want to impress your finance manager.

While the first two months in any job can feel overwhelming as you learn the ins and outs, there are definitely ways to show that the company made a wise choice in hiring you.

Here are three ways to show value in the early stages of your new position.

Quick Wins
Start by asking yourself, “What can I change quickly that would have an immediate, positive effect?” By assessing the landscape and learning about the organization you can identify areas for improvement. These quick wins make your finance manager look good to his or her boss and that makes you valuable.

Offer your new finance manager insight into an area by leveraging your expertise from a different industry or company. For example, we placed a candidate who built out a macro in Excel that substantially increased efficiency for his organization. Not only was his finance manager impressed, so was the CFO.

Understanding Pain Points
Take the time to understand your new manager’s pain points. What are the deadlines they’re responsible for? Can you get information to them earlier to help them organize and prioritize? How do they prefer to have data presented? The more responsive you are to their expectations, the more impressed they will be.

If you want to make a good impression with your new finance manager, understand their pain points, offer them some quick wins and present them with a new take on an old problem. By adding value in these three ways you help your manager to impress their boss and this in turn can only position you for success.