4 Red Flags to Watch for When Hiring Accountants


Sometimes, when we are hiring accountants, a candidate impresses us on paper and in person.

There are, however, red flags that should freeze us in our tracks. And while we shouldn’t dismiss a candidate because they have a red flag, it’s certainly worth a conversation. Here are some warning signs to watch for when hiring accountants.

No Progression

While longevity at a company can be a good thing, a lack of progression is not. If they haven’t grown their skill set through professional development, or their title has not changed, this may be a red flag.


If a candidate’s resume reveals a downward trend, this can be cause for concern. While we wouldn’t recommend putting the resume on the discard pile, we would suggest that you discuss it during the interview. After all, perhaps the transition was the result of an ethical deal breaker, or the candidate was following an opportunity for professional growth. Either way, it’s worth having the conversation.

Not a Strong Communicator

If you ask your candidate an interview question and the result is a long-winded tangent, this is a red flag. Regardless of their role, the candidate is going to have to communicate with their team, you and possibly their non-financial peers. Someone who cannot communicate clearly and efficiently during an interview could be a challenge on a day-to-day basis.

No Due Diligence

Candidates who do not research a company before an interview send a red flag about their level of engagement. Candidates who are invested want to understand not only the company’s products and services, but also its core values. By doing their research they demonstrate buy-in. Candidates who don’t explore a company in advance are likely not as invested as those who do.

When you are hiring accountants ensure that you watch carefully for the 4 red flags listed above. After all, hiring well in the first place, saves you time and your company money.