4 Things to Avoid When Working With Finance Recruiters


You’ve decided to change jobs. You’ve looked at various job sites, LinkedIn possibilities, but realize that you want to work with a finance recruiter to help you locate and land your next opportunity.

While this decision will likely open doors for you, there are four things to avoid when working with a finance recruiter if you want to maximize your chances of success.

Lack of Experience
While a younger candidate, with limited experience can find success with a more junior recruiter, senior-level candidates will need to go in a different direction. Look for recruiters who have specific expertise in the industry you’re working in. They’ll have the knowledge and relationships necessary to move you forward.

The Generalist
Avoid using a generalist as your recruiter. Recruiters who specialize in the finance and accounting industry will be able to understand your marketability quickly. The end result is a recruiter who can help you recognize your strengths, talk you through your weaknesses and create opportunities for you.

This is typically not a short process. While it is true that some candidates can get placed quickly, an effective job search should start months ahead of when you’re thinking of leaving an organization. It could take weeks before a relevant role that is suited to you comes across the recruiter’s desk. Have patience, continue building your relationship with your recruiter and keep delivering in your current position.

You need your recruiter to buy into you. This means building a relationship founded on mutual respect and transparency. Don’t oversell your skill set. Set realistic expectations for yourself and don’t imagine that you are perfect fit for every job listed on the recruiter’s website. Position yourself as someone who knows their strengths and understands where they might excel. This will help ensure that you maintain credibility with your finance recruiter.

A finance recruiter, like anybody else, wants to excel at his/her job and create win-win partnerships. Understand that good recruiters are specialists with an extensive network they can leverage on your behalf if they buy into your skill set. Have patience and let your recruiter do what they do best, connect great people with remarkable organizations.