5 Characteristics of Successful Accountants


The argument can be made that regardless of their role, successful people will find a way to continue being successful.

But is there really a magic formula that when shaken and stirred creates success? Not so much.

Successful accountants practice five key characteristics on a daily basis.

Attention to Detail

Successful accountants have an unerring eye for detail. They are able to meet demanding deadlines without sacrificing accuracy.

They multitask efficiently, stay focused in the face of competing priorities and correct small errors before they can compound into large problems.

Continuous Growth

The most successful accountants see barriers as opportunities for both professional and personal growth. They identify and take the courses that will help their companies achieve their objectives and they meet each challenge with confidence.

Collaborative Communication

The best accountants are natural collaborators. Their inclusive communication style fosters team unity and allows them to connect with their nonfinancial peers. Consistently accessible and open to feedback, the best accountants foster win-win partnerships that drive success for everyone involved.

Strong Ethics

At the heart of most successful accountants lies a strong ethical core that defines their daily actions. While they excel in ambiguity, exceptional accountants never misrepresent the data, understanding that the rest of the company is relying on them to provide an accurate picture of the organization’s present position.


A proactive mindset defines the best accountants. Their goal-oriented nature, combined with their strong drive for excellence, allows them to see where efficiencies can be realized. They are constantly trying to add value to their organization and are always asking, “Where are we going next and what do we need to do to get there?”

Fundamentally the best accountants are ethically minded, proactive individuals who seek continuous growth. They add value on a daily basis and have the ability to transform the mundane into the exceptional, helping their companies to achieve greatness.

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