5 Tips for Rocking Your First Week at a New Finance Job


Anytime you start a new role, it’s critically important to make a good first impression.

You need to be accessible, humble and communicate effectively.

Want to rock your first week at your new finance job? Consider the following five tips.

Create a Business Flow Chart
In order to drive the kind of results management is expecting in the short and long-term you need to understand how the business works. What are the reporting lines and how do they interact? Who reports to whom and why? If your role entails business partnering, who do you need to know? In smaller companies identify the key stakeholders, clients and external parties. Creating a business flow chart gives you a sense of the big picture and therefore your role in achieving it.

The way you communicate will definitely shape people’s first impression of you. Be open and friendly. Listen more than speak and approach conversations from a posture of service.

Identify a Mentor
If you want to have a strong first week at your new finance job, identifying a mentor will help you do so. Take some time the first two days to get the lay of the land. Watch and see who is good at their job and might be helpful and accessible. Ask if you can buy them a coffee or lunch. During that time start to build a relationship, ask questions about the organization and how he/she has achieved success. A mentor can make the difference between you successfully navigating choppy political waters, or sinking in them.

Personal Goals
Establish goals for the first two months on the job. Include both relationship building and work goals. Be realistic and accountable.

Understand Industry
If you’re transferring from a different industry ask the following questions to understand the business. What are its advantages? Who are its competitors? What drives the business? Is it an amazing sales team or is the organization focused on growth by acquisition?

While this may seem an ambitious list for your first week on the job, taking some time to establish personal goals, understand the industry and create a business flow chart will help you rock your first week and create a strong first impression.