5 Ways to Improve Your Finance Team this Summer


Ah yes, the dog days of summer – hot, humid and a motivation killer.

With the humidex reaching 40 degrees and the air looking hazy, it’s no wonder that your team is lacking in motivation. Maybe they’re thinking of running through a sprinkler, rather than the fascinating world of debits and credits. Regardless, you need to get them back on track. Here are 5 ways to motivate them.

Assess your team. Who is holding it together? Who is dragging it down? Is there a star performer? Perhaps some of the people on the team have been miscast and would flourish in a slightly different role.

Communicating with your team is a key way to rev up the performance engine. Make sure each of them understands how their role connects to the big picture. This creates a sense of purpose and focus. Ask them if they are using their strengths to the best possible advantage. You might be surprised to discover some untapped potential you can leverage.

As finance and accounting recruiters we hear every day from top talent. The consistent message around management style is that they want someone who empowers them to make decisions, but is there as a safety net if needed. Give your team autonomy and watch them succeed.

Share Success
Reward and recognize your team successes. They’ll feel valued and that will make them work even harder.

Model Behaviours
Want a top performing team that is detail-oriented, communicates collaboratively and shares ideas freely? Then model those behaviours with them. As a leader you set the tone so think about the message that you’re sending.

Summer doesn’t have to be a time of decreased performance. Communicate with your team, ensure each of them is working in a role appropriate to their skill set and share in their success. Be a manager who leads by example and empower your team to make decisions. You’ll be surprised at how they rise to the occasion.