7 Common Missteps That Candidates Make with Finance Recruiters


A finance recruiter can be a key resource in connecting you to your next job opportunity. He or she can offer resume and interview tips, while marketing you to his or her employer network. To ensure that you build a winning partnership with your accounting or finance recruiter avoid these 7 common missteps.

Misstep 1: The Oversell
It can be tempting to oversell your skill set when you’re trying to gain buy-in. But misrepresenting your level of proficiency in any technical or business partnering skill can negatively impact your credibility with a recruiter.

Misstep 2: Not Accepting Feedback
Accept feedback from your recruiter. Understand that he or she is only interested in creating a beneficial partnership between you and your future employer. While you may not agree with the feedback that you’re being given, its goal is to facilitate your professional success.

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Misstep 3: Assuming All Recruiters Are the Same
All recruiters are not the same. Make sure to use a recruiter that specializes in the finance and accounting industry. He or she will have greater insight into the accounting and finance space, and a larger network of employer contacts.

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Misstep 4: Over Applying
Be selective. Only apply to roles that are true fit for your skill set.

Misstep 5: Following Up Too Often
After an initial meeting with a recruiter, here are some scenarios where following up makes sense:

  1.  A newly posted role appears on the finance and accounting recruiter’s website and you’re qualified for it. Candidates that stand out are the ones that make an effort to build the relationship and stay top of mind.
  2. There has been a change in your circumstances (i.e. you’ve been restructured, moved, or your original target location has changed, etc.).
  3. A reasonable amount of time (4 weeks) has passed and there has been no follow-up from the recruiter. After all, it can take time for a recruiter to find the right fit.  Following up in excess of once a month without having 1) & 2) applicable is overkill.

Misstep 6: Unprofessionalism
Unprofessionalism can ruin a relationship between a finance recruiter and a candidate. Dress for success, be flexible when it comes to arranging meeting times and most importantly don’t attempt to renegotiate compensation once an offer is made.

Misstep 7: Misunderstanding the Role of the Recruiter
Finance recruiters will work on your behalf, but the reality is that recruiters work to fill roles for clients, not locate specific jobs for candidates. That being said, even if the client doesn’t have an open position, recruiters may still contact the hiring agent to let them know about a quality candidate. Treat a meeting with a recruiter, therefore, as an opportunity to demonstrate why your recruiter should be advocating for you. Know your strengths and stretches. Have examples of how you made your previous organizations better.

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Key Takeaways
When you’re trying to build a relationship with a finance recruiter don’t oversell your skill set. Understand that the recruiter will advocate on your behalf, but is looking to fill a role for a client. Be as professional as possible, and treat a meeting with a recruiter as an opportunity to demonstrate your marketability. Don’t attempt to renegotiate compensation once an offer is made. Only apply to roles that are a true fit for your skill set and don’t follow-up too frequently. Remember, that ultimately a recruiter is attempting to find the best possible fit between a candidate and a company.

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