Accounting Interview Tips: Discuss These 5 Things with Candidates


A great interview process plays a critical role in landing top talent. In fact, candidates typically make up their mind about a role during the interview. So how do you ensure that your candidates have enough information to make a decision that lands them squarely with your company? The answer lies in discussing the following 5 things.

Path to Advancement
Make sure to outline the opportunities available for advancement. A good interview explores a candidate’s potential career trajectory. If your manager, for example, has a tendency to promote internally, make sure to mention that. Millennials, in particular, need to know how they’ll progress. 

Candidates want to understand the kind of company culture they’re walking into. Explain how team members relate to each other and how that carries through into management style. 

Resource: To evaluate whether or not a candidate would be a fit for your company’s culture, try asking these questions

Pro Tip: Asking questions about which organizational values matter to your candidate will help you understand how to describe your culture to create maximum impact.

Mentoring Opportunities
Everyone can benefit from a mentor, regardless of level. One of the myths about millennials is that they don’t welcome feedback. In fact, millennials want a mentor and view it as an attractive part of a role. What are the mentoring opportunities that your company offers?

The Mission and Vision
Hiring managers and HR need to be able to clearly articulate the mission and vision of the organization and how that affects the company’s culture and way of doing business. Talent needs to understand how their role will connect to the larger goals of the organization. 

The Benefits
Aside from advancement opportunities, how does the employee stand to benefit from the organization? Is there flexibility? Educational opportunities? Does the organization prioritize a learning culture where the opportunities for skill set growth are built into day-to-day work life? Be sure to discuss what sets your team and organization apart. 

Key Takeaways
Top talent sees a finance or accounting interview as a two-way street. They are, in essence, evaluating you as much as you are assessing them. This means that discussing what makes your organization different is critical to landing great candidates. Explore educational and mentoring opportunities. Discuss the company’s vision and mission and how the candidate’s position connects to the larger goals of the organization. Be sure to outline the path to advancement. Ultimately, with the competition for great talent so fierce in the GTA, it pays to speak to the key areas that candidates want to hear about. 

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