How Accounting Recruitment Agencies Make Your Life Easier


Accounting recruitment agencies, with their tenured staff and proven methodology, can be valuable allies in locating and securing quality talent.

They offer a greater speed to market, have expertise in the offer and close process and can develop shortlists of top candidates in a compressed timeframe. Fundamentally, the time and energy saved when using accounting recruitment agencies, makes your life easier.

Accelerated Timeline 

The most common concern we hear from prospective employers regarding the hiring process is the sheer lack of time they have to do it well. Between creating consensus on the role’s requirements, advertising the position and sorting through the endless resumes, there is little time for anything else. Accounting recruitment agencies take care of the most time-consuming elements of the hiring process for you.  Recruiters, with their extensive, well-developed networks can access quality candidates in a short amount of time, allowing you to get on with what really matters – your job.

The Shortlist

Even if you manage to craft the key requirements of the role, advertise it and gather resumes, you may find a consistent dissatisfaction in the types of candidates who are applying. If this is the case, accounting recruitment agencies can help in a number of ways. At the front-end of the process they can assist with helping you to understand if your own expectations are reasonable (for example, chasing the $70,000 candidate for $50,000). In addition, accounting recruitment agencies can increase the quality of the candidates that appear on your shortlist by focusing on the core values that most closely align with team and company dynamics (along with technical competency of course!). Accounting recruitment agencies understand that an individual who meshes with the values of his or her team has a much greater chance of being an asset, than someone who does not.

…accounting recruitment agencies can increase the quality of the candidates that appear on your shortlist by focusing on the core values that most closely align with team and company dynamics.

Offer and Close Process

Accounting recruitment agencies can make your life easier by assisting with the offer and close process. After all, financial recruiters are not just paid to find talent. They are paid to deliver talent. They know, for example, what a reasonable offer might be relative to market expectations. Most importantly, they can offer specific knowledge about what might be a deal breaker for your candidate of choice – invaluable knowledge when you’re trying to land a quality hire.

Accounting recruitment agencies bring a variety of things to the table that make your life easier. Tenured finance recruiters have a proven methodology for locating, engaging and securing top talent. They interact with a variety of exceptional candidates on a daily basis and have an eye for quality as a result. They streamline the hiring process, develop shortlists quickly and assist with the offer and close process. Their expertise typically means that both parties will feel like their expectations and needs were met, forming a foundation for a successful partnership moving forward.

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