Are You a Good Finance Manager?


We talk to a lot of great finance and accounting people at Clarity Recruitment.

When we talk to them about what they prefer in a manager they’re usually pretty clear about what they need. And interestingly, most of them need the same three things.

For those of you who are in a managerial role, or aspire to be there, this blog will interest you.

Regardless of background and experience, the candidates we spoke to wanted a manager who was willing to mentor them. Specifically, they craved feedback provided in a timely, constructive manner. Managers who took the time to sit down and offer guidance were the ones that candidates felt inspired by and the leaders they worked the hardest for. Bonus points for those finance managers who not only outlined areas where their team could improve, but also explained the benefits that could be derived from upping their game.

Good finance managers outline goals to be achieved and then trust their team to execute. They stand by if needed, explain how the goal connects to the big picture and offer their advice and support if asked. Leaders who micro-manage don’t allow their team to grow. And when people can’t grow, they get frustrated and move on.

Share Successes
Teams that deliver for their company need to be recognized for it. Although it can be tempting to grab the limelight, managers that share the recognition that comes from a job well done build credibility and respect with their team. Good finance managers help their team members get promoted and achieve their career goals.

Are you a good finance manager? Chances are that if you offer your team autonomy, an opportunity to share recognition and a supportive environment that the answer is a definite yes.