Become Interesting: 3 Ways to Get Your Accounting Career Started


Somewhere along the way it became acceptable for us to think of ourselves as  walking resumes. While it is important to communicate our knowledge and experience during job interviews, the reality is that a large part of the hiring decision will hinge on your being memorable in a good way.

…the reality is that a large part of the hiring decision will hinge on your being memorable in a good way.

Want to be remembered positively for your dream job and get your accounting career started?  Follow these 3 steps:

  1. Ask the interviewers about themselves to build rapport. Too often we think that the interview is about us when in fact it is mostly about how we fit with the existing team. By asking questions of the interviewer, social tension decreases and true sharing of information can start about the finance and accounting team, as well as the accounting job you are applying for. This connection will leave the right impression with the interviewer.
  2. Make sure that you frame your answers to client questions in a way that connects your experience to the interviewer’s business problem. If you speak only about your experience in accounting and finance and forget to make the correlation to the interviewer’s needs, then you are not  providing clarity on the benefits of hiring you.
  3. Provide them with a reason to connect you to something positive. I like to call these positive traits “Extraordinary Factors” as they should be something that others cannot easily replicate. Examples would be any involvement in competitive sports or charitable work as these go beyond your accounting career. One of the best interviews I conducted was with an internal auditor who told me he raced motorcycles on the weekend. It was unexpected and his passion showed through and it was a memorable trait. To ensure you are asked about these “Extraordinary Factors”,  you should include a reference to them on your resume.

The goal of any interview should be to stand above the crowd. By creating the right environment for sharing information, you can uncover business challenges and leave clients thinking you are the right solution for the accounting position they have open.

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