Different Types of Accounting Jobs


Whether you are an HR professional, a member of an internal recruitment team, or someone simply looking to transition out of your current role, the sheer number of different types of accounting jobs can be mind-boggling.

And while some companies, because of their size, may divide the labor slightly differently, the essential tasks and functions of different types of accounting jobs will remain the same. To truly explain each role and its attendant responsibilities we would need 10 blog posts and so, with two exceptions, we will primarily focus on the different departments and their roles and responsibilities in moving their companies forward. Let’s start by exploring three main accounting jobs.


The CFO is responsible for the accounting department overall, providing timely financial data to the CEO and often taking a key role in ensuring that resources are used in alignment with the strategic vision of the company.

VP of Finance

Sometimes the VP of Finance and the CFO duties overlap significantly. In fact, it’s not unusual even in larger companies for the CFO to be a VP of Finance. The VP of Finance assists the CEO in planning and development, while creating and administering annual budgets. He or she also conducts fiscal analysis, forecasting and auditing reviews.

Financial Operations

The Financial Operations Department’s goal is to support the administrative and instructional needs of the organization with proven financial systems that can accurately report cost-effective operations. Within this department you will find roles such as Accounts Payable Clerk, Accounts Receivable Clerk and Director of Finance (among others).

Join us tomorrow as we explore 5 other departments and their overall mandate and responsibilities. You’ll be an expert in no time.

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