How to Attract Top Finance Talent to Your Start-Up


Steve Jobs is quoted as saying, “When you’re in a start-up the first 10 people will determine whether you are a success or not” (from In the Company of Giants). Apparently, he also asked a future employee whether they wanted to continue doing something mundane, or were they interested in changing the world.  The employee was soon working for Apple.

By keeping your financial house in order and offering strategic insights to shape decision-making, top accounting and finance talent can be critical in successfully scaling your organization. Here’s how to attract the kind of people who will help you take your company to the next level.

Build a Brand That People Want to Be a Part Of
Everything flows from your brand. Think carefully about the values that your brand represents. Integrate those values into all marketing materials, your website and social media. Conduct business with your values in mind. Build mission and vision statements that reflect your brand. Your mission and vision need to inspire people to want to come and work for you, so craft them strategically.

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Understand the Power of Word of Mouth
Being a great place to work can do more to recruit top talent than anything else. This means that your organizational culture is critical in attracting, landing and retaining great employees. You may not have the dollars to attract the best, but if your company is a place where people want to come to work, there’s a good chance they’re telling other people about it. 

Retain Talent
Progressive organizations understand how important it is to retain talent. After all, top performers want to work with other top performers. Have a strategy in place to keep your best on board.

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Become a Thought Leader
In the beginning you’re not going to have a huge marketing budget. One of the best ways to get noticed, therefore, is to leverage the power of social media to become a thought leader. Use social media, including LinkedIn, to spread your message and build your brand. Consider starting a blog and using social media to promote it. The top candidates who like the idea of working for someone who disrupts the industry, (and is truly innovative), will be drawn to your start-up.

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Attend industry events. They can be great opportunities to connect with future employees. Consider being a guest speaker which will give you an opportunity to talk authentically about your company and brand values. Who knows, the right talent may be in the audience and get inspired by your organization’s vision.

Consider Hiring a Recruiter
Maybe you don’t have the time to hire somebody. At this point, a recruiter who specializes in the finance and accounting industry may be a solution. 

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Key Takeaways
Many start-ups feel that they don’t have the money to attract top finance talent. The reality, however, is that great talent can be attracted by the vision of your organization, its culture and the ability to do something that will have an impact. Craft a brand and culture that people want to be a part of. Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Network and consider becoming a guest speaker. Ultimately top talent will come to work for the right start-up that speaks to their core values and a chance to make a difference.

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