How to Build Confidence in Your Finance Team


As a finance leader you need to know how to bring out the best in your team. Part of doing this is building their confidence. By empowering them and making them understand that their talents and contributions matter, you can increase employee engagement and productivity. Here are 6 ways to create confidence in your finance team.

Develop Them
Whether it’s through mentoring, or access to courses, you can build your team’s confidence by increasing their competence. Let them take the lead on a project they are passionate about, or consider creating knowledge sharing sessions. As their professional growth increases, so too will their confidence.

Quick Wins Through Delegation
If you have a new team member, or someone who is struggling to fulfill their potential, consider identifying potential quick wins and then help them form a step-by-step guide to achieve them. Stand by as a safety net and be careful not to delegate too much too soon. You want to gradually build their confidence, not overwhelm them.

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Leverage Their Strengths
Since success breeds success, give your team members tasks that play to their strengths. When people are given a chance to do what they are good at, their confidence grows in equal measure.

How well do you know your team? Download “Evaluate Your Finance Team” to help you get a sense of your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Establish One-on-One Meetings
One of the best ways to build a team member’s confidence is to meet with them one-on-one and demonstrate a supportive, collaborative approach to their development and career goals. Be focused during the meetings, and listen carefully to their concerns. Offer constructive feedback and show that their effort is appreciated.

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Culture of Safety
Team members need to know that it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as they learn from their misstep. This will increase confidence and a desire to participate actively in problem-solving discussions, or come forward with innovative thinking.

Have Them Teach Others
Whether it’s guiding a meeting, or defining someone as the “go to” person for a specific concept, encouraging your team members to teach each other instills a sense of confidence.

Key Takeaways
If a team member lacks confidence they will deliver below their potential. To build confidence in your finance team meet with them one-on-one to determine their career goals and listen to their concerns. Create a culture of safety, where individuals aren’t penalized for their mistakes. Give them an opportunity to teach each other and collaborate. Establish some quick wins and help them craft a roadmap for how to achieve them. Set them up for success by assigning tasks that let them leverage their strengths. By building confidence in your team members you are creating long-term impact for that individual and your organization.

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