How to Find the Best Accounting Jobs In Toronto


Finding great accounting jobs in Toronto is not as challenging as finding the proverbial needle in the haystack – no need to be Sherlock Holmes here.

Instead, define what “best” means to you, make a plan and then execute.

Define Best
Take some time to define what you want. Focus not only on skill requirements or size of the organization (both of which are important of course), but also on the core values of the company you want to work for. As recruiters in the finance and accounting industry we’ve seen it time and time again, employees who feel a core value disconnect with their organizations don’t stay.

Make a Plan
Any plans can go sideways, but your chances of finding the best accounting job are greatly increased if you have one. Determine who you need to speak to, what networking events you need to attend and what skills are missing in your toolbox. Consider attaching timelines to increase accountability and chart progress.

Get Social
A well-built, strategically crafted LinkedIn profile can do wonders for your career aspirations. Not only are finance and accounting recruiters actively combing LinkedIn for quality candidates, but so are HR people and internal hiring teams. Follow companies that interest you to get wind of upcoming opportunities, join and actively participate in relevant groups and post interesting, industry relevant news. Use LinkedIn to build your network, both by reaching out to potential new connections and solidifying existing ones.

We know. You’re tired. And the last thing you want to do is go to an industry event or your company’s Friday night wing extravaganza. But one evening a month can pay huge dividends down the road in the form of an opportunity. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go network.

A Mentor
We certainly haven’t been shy about trumpeting the positives of having a mentor in past blogs. A mentor can advocate on your behalf, identify great job opportunities both at your firm and others and be a balance in decision-making moments.

Connect With a Recruiter
Tenured finance and accounting recruiters make it their job to connect exceptional people with remarkable companies. They also know who is hiring and what opportunities exist in the marketplace. A wise move, therefore, would be to connect with a recruiter and build a relationship based on transparency and mutual respect.

To find a great accounting job in Toronto, do some self-reflection, create a plan based on it, and connect with a recruiter. Network internally and externally, while developing or continuing to build your LinkedIn profile. By doing these things, and finding a mentor, you increase your chances of locating a role that fits who you are and advances your career.