How to Hire a Finance Manager


A finance manager plays a critical role on your team and in your organization. Consider these tips when hiring a finance manager.

Your finance manager supports various departments within your organization, offering strategic advice at critical junctures to help meet departmental milestones.

You need the right person in the role. If you must hire a finance manager, hire someone not only with a strong organizational skill set, but with the behavioural traits that inspire others to buy into the vision of the organization. If you have to hire a finance manager, the three steps below should help you land a successful candidate.

Internal Assessment
To effectively hire a finance manager, conduct an internal assessment. Determine what the role needs now and in the future. Engage the key stakeholders that are most impacted by the hiring decision in the discussion. Not only does this create buy-in, but also can result in a list of “must haves” for the position that can objectively guide the rest of the process. The offshoot of this is a streamlined approach, where decisions can be made more efficiently and with greater confidence.

Great Interview Questions
If you must hire a finance manager, ensure that your interview questions are designed to reveal core values, not just technical skill. Finance managers need to work collaboratively, demonstrate intellectual curiosity and strategic thinking, while being a valuable team member and leader. It’s akin to walking on a balance beam. Questions designed to elicit their problem-solving and management style are particularly valuable, as is their ability to differentiate between a manager and a leader. A leader, after all, connects people to the company’s vision and inspires them to achieve it. A manager makes sure things get done and the team is supported. Ideally, your finance manager can do both.

Hire a Recruiter
If you have to hire a finance manager and lack the internal recruitment team or proven methodology to do so, consider bringing a financial recruitment agency on board to assist you. Recruiters avoid the tunnel vision that can come with the hiring process. A tenured recruiter will question everything in a supportive fashion, while focusing on producing the best results. For example, there may be a disconnect between what you want and what you actually need. Whether it’s trying to get the $70,000 candidate for $50,000, or an overemphasis on securing a highly experienced, A+ candidate, a recruiter will let you know if you’re heading in the right or wrong direction, saving you time and money.

When you hire a finance manager, hire someone who can collaboratively drive value for your organization. Following the advice above may just help you land a candidate that can transform theory into clear strategy and company success.



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