How to Identify a Quality Finance Hire


Quality hires can be assets to a team and organization. They can drive outcomes, develop into great leaders and boost team morale.

To identify a finance candidate who can help your company flourish, look for the following.

Natural Progression
As a recruiter the first thing we want to see on a candidate’s resume is progression. This typically reflects strong communication skills and a desire to excel. A lack of progression, on the other hand, usually reveals an interpersonal or technical gap. One caveat here – some candidates may have chosen to make a lateral move or a small step backwards in order to acquire skills or experience in a specific industry.

Transferable Skills
During the interview, look for a candidate that can clearly explain the value of their transferable skills. Since there’s never a perfect candidate for any role, someone who can say, “Here’s what I’ve done, and here’s why it will allow me to deliver” is an individual who sees the big picture.

Quality Questions in the Interview
Great finance candidates pose questions that show engagement and buy-in. Questions specific to a company’s current challenges and circumstances reveal a candidate who has taken the time to invest in researching the organization. And a question that attempts to understand the deliverables for the first 3 or 6 months shows a genuine interest in assessing whether the role is suitable or not.

With the cost of finding, interviewing and hiring new employees so high, it’s important to understand what a quality candidate looks like. Potential finance hires that understand the value of their transferable skills, pose quality questions during the interview and demonstrate progression in their resumes are typically the ones that can offer an excellent return on your investment of time and energy.

Avoid Bad Finance Hires