How to Land the Best Accounting Jobs in Toronto


It goes without saying that a great resume and interview skill set will help you land a role.

But how do you hear about opportunities in the first place that might otherwise pass you by?

Landing the best accounting jobs in Toronto is almost more about advanced networking skills than anything else.

Professional Development
Want to grow your skill set and network? Consider taking some professional development. Who knows? Your next employer or key contact could be in the room with you.

Trade Shows
Attending a trade show is a great, low-pressure way to connect with people in your industry. If your company is a part of any association, attend the relevant trade shows. It might offer you an opportunity to interact with peers, as well as those at the C-suite table.

Building a relationship with a tenured finance and accounting recruiter is a productive way of immediately growing your network. Recruiters have relationships with HR personnel, hiring managers and internal recruitment teams. As such, they are often the first people to hear about a new role.

Continue to Touch Base
The unsung hero of networking is keeping in touch with past work colleagues. Not only are they good for references, but they may know of upcoming opportunities in their current organization. Keep in mind that the Director you worked for five years ago may now be a CFO. By continuing to touch base in person, or through social media you maintain a relationship that can pay dividends in the future.

Social Media
Don’t underestimate the role a strong online networking presence can have in connecting you to the right people. Keep your profile on LinkedIn fully up to date and accurate so that you don’t get passed over.

In order to land the best accounting jobs in Toronto you need to be a savvy networker. Attend professional development or yearly conferences. Build a relationship with a recruiter who specializes in the finance and accounting industry. Continue to keep in touch with former colleagues and create a compelling online presence. By doing so you afford yourself the best chance of hearing about opportunities that might otherwise have passed you by.