How to Leave a Voicemail to Land a Finance Interview


You shake your head in dismay.  You just left a disjointed, long-winded voicemail for a hiring manager.  Instead of being brief and focused, your voicemail meandered on for far too long.  You’re not sure, but you may have muttered something about your cat.  It was that painful.  But never fear, there are ways to leave a voicemail that will help you land the finance interview that you want.

The Value Statement
In the first two or three sentences make sure that you state your value immediately.  This will help capture the listener’s attention.  Professional branding is all about understanding what differentiates you in the marketplace, so state your competitive advantages as soon as possible.  Start by stating your name and the position you are calling about.  Then immediately offer a value-driven statement.

In order to secure a finance job interview, you must make the key contact feel that there is a relationship between the responsibilities of the job and your past duties.  Briefly connect your experience to the requirements of the role.  Be succinct.

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Offer Examples
Offer specific metrics on past accomplishments.  For example, if a client is looking for someone to assist him/her with an acquisition and integration, ensure that you address the following points:  how many times have you assisted in an acquisition and integration, where did you do it, how long did the process last and what was the impact (dollar value).  Concrete examples of how you’ve succeeded in the past will help your prospective employer understand how you can quickly add value to their organization and team.  This increases buy-in and will help you land an interview.

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The Template
“That sounds like a lot to do in a simple voicemail,” you’re saying to yourself right now.  Here’s how it might look when it’s all put together:

“Hi Mr. Andrews, this is Robert Wilson calling. I noticed that you are looking for a person to help you with an acquisition and integration.  I’m a CA, with 12 years of experience, 7 of which were in senior finance roles.  I’ve handled three integrations of acquired companies, ranging from 30 million to a 400 million acquisition.  I can help you with your upcoming acquisition and believe that I will be an asset in the process.  I am reachable on my cell at (add number).  I am also available to meet in person at your convenience.  I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.  Again my number is (add number).”

The Follow-Up
Within 24 hours send an email as a follow-up.  Connect your experience and accomplishments with the needs of the organization.  Be specific and succinct.  Offer a strong call to action that encourages the reader to reach out.  For example, you might say “I’m available to meet with you at your convenience and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.”  Include your cell number in case the hiring agent/manager wants to contact you that way.

Key Takeaways
Leaving a voicemail that sells your skills in a succinct way can help you land a finance interview.  Don’t be afraid to write your key talking points out before you call.  Remember to connect your experience with the role’s demands and be specific in naming an accomplishment or two to support your strength as a candidate.  Send a follow-up email within 24 hours that echoes your voicemail.  Following the steps above will help you leave a message that is brief, value driven and confidently communicated.

Your Next Step
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