How to Recognize the Best Accountants


Finding the best accountant among a group of candidates can be like finding a needle in a haystack. But keeping the following traits in mind will help your search.

Every employer wants to hire and build the best accounting and finance team for their business. But what makes some accountants such standouts in their field? What separates the best from the rest?

Of course, different companies will have slightly different ideas about what makes a great accountant. Still, there are some common characteristics that most of the best accountants share; the trick is to be able to recognize these. Here, then, are some things you need to look for.


The best accountants are natural born collaborators. Whether they’re leading or following, their approach is always oriented to the team. While they’re perfectly capable individual performers, they are committed to helping those around them succeed. Mentors by disposition, these types of accountants have an innate ability to connect with their fellow team players and management, aligning their own career objectives with their company’s goals.

Able to meet deadlines

The best accountants always meet their deadlines. Their knack for prioritizing and multitasking helps them reach expectations without sacrificing accuracy or quality. Marrying a collaborative approach to teambuilding and problem solving, they have a strong attention to detail, coupled with a genuine goal-oriented nature; in many ways they’re leaders in training.

While they’re perfectly capable individual performers, the best accountants are committed to helping those around them succeed.

History of success

Perusing the work history of the best accountants reveals a track record of professional success. This is reflected in their commitment to continuous improvement. They invest – and reinvest – in their skillset through professional development and are never satisfied with the status quo.

In interviews, ask candidates to explain how they personally contributed to a successful outcome. Look for a team-minded approach – “we achieved this,” “we managed that” – that shows they’re willing to share the glory. Then dig down for the “I” in the team: press them to identify their specific contributions.

They invest – and reinvest – in their skillset through professional development and are never satisfied with the status quo.

Ethical behaviour

Great accountants are unwilling to compromise their personal and professional ethics. The best accountants appreciate that their company depends on them to provide a true accurate picture of the current financial position, on the basis of which strategic decisions will be made. A great accountant is committed to accurate reporting, consistent with the ethical imperatives of their profession. They will interpret, but never misrepresent.

There are several values that the best accountants demonstrate on a daily basis. Fundamentally, they are the kind of professional that you want and need to help you and your company reach its next milestone.

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