How to Show You’re Ready to Become A Finance Manager


Where do you see yourself in 3 or 5 years?  If part of your career planning involves moving up in the ranks to Finance Manager, then there are certain attributes you need to develop and display. Here are 5 tips for showing that you’re ready to lead.

Display Innovation
Employees who demonstrate an innovative mindset can position themselves as future leaders by devising solutions to problems others might miss. According to this article from the Harvard Business Review, innovative leaders demonstrate the following 10 traits:

  • Excellent strategic vision
  • Strong customer focus
  • Create a culture of trust
  • Strong loyalty to doing what’s right for clients/customers and the company
  • Believe that leadership comes from everywhere and actively solicit ideas from all levels
  • Establish goals that push people to achieve beyond the standard
  • Emphasize speed over lengthy studies
  • Honest communication and feedback
  • Inspire and motivate through action

How many of these traits do you have? How many could you develop?

Take Advantage of Leadership Opportunities
Being a manager means more than just supervising people and projects. It’s about inspiring others to produce their best work. Are there opportunities that would position you as a team leader? Let your boss know that you’re ready for more responsibility whether it’s leading meetings, helping to onboard new hires, or overseeing small projects.

Be Solutions-Focused
A leader doesn’t wait to be told how to handle a problem. Instead, they think strategically about possible solutions and then present their ideas to their manager. For example, identifying a process that is inefficient, and then presenting a workable solution, goes a long way to showing that you’re leadership material.

Model Successful Managers
Think about a person that you loved to work for. Chances are they helped you develop your skill set and demonstrated traits like a collaborative communication style, big picture thinking or structured planning to achieve a goal. Model those successful leadership behaviors, then become the “go to” person that other team members can rely on.

DownloadFinance Manager Survival Guide” for an inside look on how to become a successful manager.

Develop a 360 Degree View
Take the time to learn as much about the business as you can. The more you know, the more strategically you can think and the more value you can add. Understand the company’s vision. Read the most recent annual report. Look at press releases and learn about your competitors. Build relationships with other departments because managers have to work cross-functionally to be effective. The more you know about IT or Human Resources, for example, the better.

ReadDoes Not Compute – Increasing Tech Demands for Accountants” to understand why you need to learn more about IT.

Key Takeaways
If you want to become a finance manager then work on developing a 360 degree view of the business. Take advantage of leadership opportunities and model the traits of managers that have inspired you to produce your best work. Demonstrate innovative thinking and a solutions-focused mentality. While it may take time for you to get promoted, doing the right things now will make you ready to seize the opportunity when it appears.

Your Next Step
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