How to Succeed in Your Finance Job at a Large Company


You just landed a new role with a large company. Your previous position was with a much smaller organization. And while you’re not worried about making the transition, you do wonder how to ramp up quickly and start showing value.

Here are 5 ways to demonstrate that your company made the right choice in hiring you.

Take a bit of time to understand the complexity of the organization as soon as possible. Large companies have multiple systems and you need to know how and where to pull information. Most importantly, you must understand how your role fits into accomplishing the big picture.

At a small company you may have 1 or 2 stakeholders you connect with. In a large organization, however, you might have multiple people who rely on you for information. Consequently, the need to identify your key stakeholders, their personality quirks and how they like to receive information is critical to your success.

Consider helping others understand your role or your department’s role. This will enable others to grasp your perspective and the value your team brings. Ultimately this improves communication and helps you get the information you need to be successful.

Identify a Mentor
In a large company it pays to have a mentor. Mentors can provide timely advice at critical junctures, help you navigate challenging political waters and be an advocate for you if the need arises.

Process Improvements
Identify a process in need of improvement and develop a plan to implement positive change. This shows initiative and has the potential to make your life and the life of your team easier. More importantly, it could provide an opportunity to present better quality information to key stakeholders.

If you want to succeed in your finance job at a large company understand the complexity of the organization. Identify key stakeholders and processes in need of improvement. Build communication and trust and find yourself a mentor. By doing so you differentiate yourself from the average employee and this positions you on the fast track for accelerating your finance career.