Human Capital Trends – Is Your Organization Ready?


Globally, demographic forces are creating change in how organizations do business. The challenges associated with managing a multigenerational team, the increasing rise of digital technology in HR and the shift in the employer/employee relationship have produced some key human capital trends. Here are the 8 trends that organizations must be prepared to address.

Trend 1– Build Leaders
An organization’s future success is only as good as its future leaders. Does your organization have a leadership training program that develops skills for an increasingly competitive global business world?

Trend 2 – Culture and Strategy Are Connected
Culture is a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. Attract the best people and retain them and you gain an immediate leg up.

Trend 3 – The Employee Experience
According to a Deloitte 2016 study of 7000 human resource and business leaders globally, focusing on “reducing unnecessary workplace complexity by putting the employee experience first” can be critical to organizational success.

Trend 4 – HR Change and Analytics
The role of HR continues to evolve towards one of business partnering. According to Deloitte, “The use of analytics in HR is growing, with organizations aggressively building people analytics teams, buying analytics offerings, and developing analytics solutions.”

Trend 5 – Digital and HR
Evolving technology will soon allow HR leaders to revolutionize the employee experience.

Trend 6 – The Employee/Employer Relationship
Today’s workforce, particularly the millennial generation, requires flexibility, creativity and an understanding of how their role connects to the greater vision of the organization. The traditional hierarchical model of years past is being rebuilt into a more fluid collection of teams that offer greater adaptability to the rapid changes required in today’s global workplace.

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Trend 7 – Employee Education
Companies are increasingly curating content and developing platforms for employees to pursue their own professional development in a self-driven way.

Trend 8 – Talent Management
More companies are relying on contractors to get the job done. An organization’s talent acquisition and management strategies must adapt accordingly.

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Key Takeaways
Organizations must adapt to thrive and succeed in today’s increasingly competitive global marketplace. HR as a business partner that adds direct value to the talent acquisition strategy of the organization is a key trend, as is the evolution in the employee/employer relationship. Culture continues to be a competitive advantage, as is the ability to adapt and respond quickly.

Is your company ready?

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