Job Boards vs. Finance Recruiters


When it comes to hiring, many of us recycle old job postings and use our trusty job board to bring in the talent. On the surface it seems an efficient and cost-effective way to locate top performers.

But the reality is, job boards don’t always connect with our intended audience and the candidates that apply don’t necessarily meet our role’s requirements. Finance recruiters, on the other hand, have some very specific advantages when it comes to locating and landing quality talent.

In today’s blog, we explore two of these advantages.


When job boards first appeared, they seemed like a gift from the heavens. You could post a job, describe its requirements and then wait for the resumes to flood in. And they did flood in, usually in very large numbers. The problem was then to find the elusive needle in the haystack – a candidate who actually matched the job’s skills and core competencies.

Finance recruiters, with their established networks, sidestep this time-consuming process – an advantage when you are trying to locate the right person.

Access to Top Talent

The reality: top talent typically doesn’t apply to postings on job boards. They simply don’t need to. They have an established network of old colleagues and managers, who seek them out and offer them opportunities.

Finance recruiters make it their job to build relationships with top talent, including those who are currently employed (passive job seekers). By using finance recruiters you gain access to those great candidates you might otherwise miss by simply using a job board. And fundamentally, the customized search a finance recruiter conducts on your behalf, saves you time and money by getting you the right hire the first time.

While job boards initially appear to offer a time sensitive, cost effective way of locating great candidates, there are several specific disadvantages to using them. Consider instead using a finance recruiter for your next hire. You’ll be happy with the results.