How to Make Accounting Interviews a Two-Way Street


It’s not easy to deliver a gold star accounting interview. We get nervous, fumble our answers or don’t build the kind of rapport that is necessary to close the deal.

Accounting interviews should be a two-way street, where you both decide if the role is a good fit. Here’s how to make sure you’re a part of the conversation.

Research the Interviewer

Take some time to do a bit of online research about the person interviewing you. Look for common work experience, education or history to build rapport. By knowing a bit about your interviewer, you can frame your answers to highlight common experiences and abilities. This can help the interviewer feel that you’re already on the same page.

Understand the Client’s Needs

There is nothing more frustrating to a hiring agent than a candidate who hasn’t done their due diligence. Show your motivation by understanding your client’s needs before you walk through their door. Look for press releases about upcoming launches and events, and pour over their website like it contains directions to the fountain of youth. The result: your answers to their questions will show a high level of engagement and knowledge about the organization. Before you know it, the client will be visualizing you in the role.

Ask Quality Questions

By asking relevant, informed questions in accounting interviews, you demonstrate your preparation. For example, ask a question such as, “I understand that you implemented (insert system name). What challenges are you having?” The answer provides you with a gateway to highlighting your skill set. Why? Because now you can say, “Here’s how we managed that same issue.” You’re no longer a candidate, you’re a part of the problem-solving discussion.

If you want a give and take quality to your accounting interviews, preparation is key. If you stay humble, your prospective employer will see you as a business partner, not just a candidate and this positions you for landing the role.