How to Make the Jump from Accountant to Manager


Not everybody has a promotion in their sites. For many people, a productive and supportive work environment is sufficient for their career satisfaction.

But for others, the desire to make the leap from accountant to manager is something they strive for.

If this is one of your goals, here are three ways to increase your chances of making that promotion happen.

Skill Inventory

Take an honest look at your skill set – is it management level? Top floor people have superior soft skills. Good managers are consistent, understand how to leverage each individual’s strengths and can achieve buy-in at different levels of the organization. If your conflict management skills are not up to snuff, or your motivational skills are lacking, consider taking courses to bring your professional toolbox up to par.


In your quest for a management role, don’t forget the importance of achieving your designation. A designation communicates to the upper levels that you are committed, focused and professional. If you want to move up, a designation is a good idea.

Become the “Go To” Person

In order to transition from accountant to manager, become a leader without having the title. Whether it’s positioning yourself as the “go to” person for Excel, or the individual to talk to when writing a report, you become a leader in the eyes of your peers and the natural choice for management. After all, to the upper levels, taking on additional levels of responsibility and earning the buy-in of your fellow coworkers, are two hallmarks of a great manager.

Strong managers are consistent, interested in growing their skill set and comfortable communicating with a variety of personalities. If you want to make the move from accountant to manager, grow your hard and soft skills, and become a “go to” person. All of this shows management that you are ready to take a seat at their table.