How to Make the Jump from Finance Manager to Finance Director


As a Finance Manager you’ve worked hard, demonstrated a team-first mentality and been rewarded professionally as a result.

And while you may be content in your present role, you can foresee a desire to take the next step in your career. For those of you who want to make the jump from Finance Manager to Finance Director, this post offers some timely advice.

Risk for Reward

As tenured recruiters, one thing is very clear to us – those who get promoted put their neck on the line and deliver. Know your landscape. Keep your ear to the ground and develop an awareness of upcoming projects and initiatives. Then volunteer to take the lead. Don’t just quarterback from a distance. Learn how everything works by diving into the trenches with your team.

Taking the lead on new initiatives exposes you to the senior levels of the company. And if you deliver, you’ve shown that you can get things done on time and on budget – 2 qualities every capable Finance Director must possess.

Communicate Collaboratively

As a strong Finance Manager you’ve worked on your communication skills already. Nevertheless, a great Finance Director can create buy-in at all levels of the organization. What magic makes this happen? The ability to understand the drivers of each individual and communicate accordingly. The result: a team that owns a company’s vision together and takes great satisfaction in achieving it.

Continuing Education

Realistically, to increase your marketability you must enhance your educational resume. Getting an MBA, for example, can foster skills such as strategic analysis – a fundamental part of any Finance Director’s role. Additional education like an MBA sends the message to your employer that not only are you adaptable, but capable of adding value to big picture decisions.

To make the leap from Finance Manager to Finance Director grow your educational resume and communication skill toolbox. Take risks and deliver. Then when you’re ready, make the jump. We think you’ll have a soft landing.