How to Be Successful in Accounting – Part 2


Yesterday we examined the importance of being a dedicated, solutions-oriented team player in creating a great accounting career. Today we will look at the role that attention to detail and a proactive mindset play in being successful in accounting.

Attention to Detail

There is a reason that any good job posting for an accounting role includes language such as, “Prospective candidates need to have strong eye for detail and accuracy.” The best accountants recognize that small errors, compounded over time, can become costly mistakes. Even with deadlines looming, successful accountants do not sacrifice their attention to detail.

Proactive Mindset

Exceptional accountants are constantly looking for ways to add value to their organization. They are naturally curious and operate in the mindset of continuous improvement. They are dedicated to growing their professional skill set and take additional courses to stay current and relevant. If they see inefficiency in existing processes, they make suggestions to improve them and implement those changes if asked to do so. They understand that to be successful in accounting they need to perceive themselves as a business partner, invested in helping their company achieve greatness.

Any great success story is nine parts hard work and perhaps one part luck. Those who are successful in accounting have a strong eye for detail and a proactive mindset dedicated to continuous improvement. Through their hard work, the best accountants position themselves for recognition, promotion and success – a story that all of us would like to be a part of.

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