How Technology is Changing Financial Recruitment in Toronto


Love it or hate it, technology has transformed the hiring landscape.

From social media platforms like LinkedIn, to communication tools like Skype, it’s a different recruiting world.  And for those of us who must locate and land top talent, the benefits of integrating technology into our hiring practices cannot be denied.


More than any one tool, LinkedIn has transformed the financial recruitment process. Candidates can craft exceptional profiles, marketing themselves more effectively to prospective employers. The benefit?  Enhanced access to great candidates for those looking to hire. Browse talent based on specific search criteria like industry or software skills and save yourself time and energy. Is it perfect? No. Not everyone uses it well and some people misrepresent themselves. But as a place to discover great talent, LinkedIn is a valuable piece of technology.


Want to hire someone but their busy schedule doesn’t allow them to connect? Not a problem. With tools such as Skype, interviewing someone like a senior-level strategist, who travels as a key part of their role, is made much easier. Essentially, you get your face-to-face, without being face-to-face.

Data Driven Approach

Technology’s ability to increase objectivity, particularly at the early stages of the hiring process, is a game changer. Progressive organizations are using experienced financial recruitment agencies who utilize a more data driven approach. Based on a list of “must haves” provided by the company who is hiring, suitable candidates are compared objectively across a variety of factors. This approach removes bias from the initial stages of the process, saving time because hiring managers can see at a glance which candidates are fit for the role. Much like LinkedIn, an approach such as this one is transformative.

Whether it’s enhanced accessibility, or a more data driven approach, there can be no doubt that technology has transformed the financial recruitment landscape in Toronto.