The Real Reason Your Finance Job Isn’t the Right Fit


You feel a general dissatisfaction in your job but don’t know why.

You’ve been in the role for three years, have access to professional development opportunities and your team is solid.

And yet, you’re still not happy. Here are three reasons why your finance job may not be the right fit.

Core Business
Fundamentally, the root of your discontent may be the fact that you have limited interest in the core business you’re working in. People who are not passionate about the industry or company they work for typically disengage from their role. If you find yourself reading all about real estate, but you’re in the telecom industry, ask yourself why.

Entrepreneurial at Heart
When you first started your finance career, you landed a job with a large company, reasoning that there would be room for advancement. Instead you’ve been pigeon holed, with not a lot of opportunities for cross-functional learning. Consider that you might be entrepreneurial at heart. Perhaps you need to work for a small, owner-driven organization or launch your own business.

All of us have a management style we prefer. Is it possible that although your manager is capable you prefer a different approach? Consider if a company with a more active mentorship program would be a better fit. Ask yourself if a manager who connects your deliverables to the big picture would inspire you to do your best work. Since people typically quit managers, not jobs, it’s possible that it’s the leadership that’s lacking, rather than the daily demands of your role.

There are a number of reasons why your finance job may not be a fit. Before you decide to transition, however, you need define why you feel dissatisfied so that you can make different choices down the road.