The Top 5 Places for Toronto Accountants to Network


While most of us are busy building our resume, savvy job seekers focus on enhancing their networks.

And while there’s nothing wrong with developing marketable skills, it’s often the relationships we foster that lead us to our next opportunity. With that in mind here are the top five places for Toronto accountants to network.

Industry Events
Industry events and trade shows offer countless opportunities to network with people you wouldn’t normally have an opportunity to meet. For example, trade shows allow you to connect with individuals who may not be direct competitors, but service your industry. This overlap provides common ground and an opportunity to nurture a relationship that you could leverage down the road.

Finance and accounting recruiters prioritize building relationships with exceptional talent and great companies. By forming a relationship with a recruiter based on mutual respect and transparency, you learn about trends in your industry and hear about opportunities you might otherwise miss out on.

Professional Development
While some professional development is offered online, consider attending an event that focuses on a hot button in your industry. Chances are you’ll meet people from all over the province, allowing you to grow your network.

Want to keep in touch with former coworkers, but don’t always have time for a face-to-face? Utilize LinkedIn to drop them a line or congratulate them on a promotion. Join groups that focus on your industry and participate in discussions. Always keep your professional brand in mind when you post anything and ask yourself, “Does this add value?”

Meet Up
This social media platform is underutilized. Easy to join and use, Meet Up allows you to connect with like-minded people from your industry and attend events that are posted.

Most people only start to network when they need something, or are thinking of transitioning. Networking, however, is much more effective when it’s done consistently. Even one event a month can provide you with the key relationship that can help you find your next role – a worthwhile investment in your career.