Top Accounting Career Planning Tips


Each episode of the 1980s classic TV show “The A-Team” would often end with the lead character musing, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

As an accountant looking to advance your career in the right direction, the importance of creating a strong plan cannot be understated. Any good plan starts with an end goal built on a foundation of strategic choices. To get ahead in your accounting career try practicing the following three tips.

Accountant Career Planning Tip #1: The End Goal

First and foremost you need to decide what your ultimate career goal might be. Even if it’s something like, “I want to be a Controller in a company specializing in alternative energy,” at least you know which direction you are heading in.

After all, if you don’t know where you’re going, how can you develop a plan to get there.

Accountant Career Planning Tip #2: Establish Milestones

The next step is to realistically assess what your career should look like at the one, three and five year mark. Milestones, if done correctly, are attainable, time sensitive and attached to some level of accountability. They help, fundamentally, to keep you on track and encourage you to think strategically.

Accountant Career Planning Tip #3: Refining and Revisiting

Even the best laid plans can go sideways. This is why an important part of your success is grounded in your ability to be flexible and adaptable. Every six months re-evaluate your goals and strategy. If things are not going as you planned, refine your approach. Whether this means a shift in networking strategy, taking a step back in order to take two steps forward, or finding a mentor, refining your plan can lead to a more successful outcome.

As you strive for success remember that the road will not be a smooth one. Set a career goal, craft milestones and be flexible in your pursuit of career advancement. At the end of the day, your plan will come together and you will find yourself exactly where you envisioned.

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